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Dec , 2020. Preliminary results from the NFHS aerosol spray study are now available. CBDNA, NFHS, NAfME, the NAMM Foundation and over 100 performing arts organizations are supporting a scientific study to learn how COVID-19 may spread via aerosol distribution in music and develop mitigation techniques to prevent or lessen aerosol distribution during singing and … If you do not see the answer to your question as you read through the list of FAQ’s, … Bob Goldring Named OHSAA Interim Executive Director. As events move indoors this winter, the researchers recommended an indoor setting with an elevated outdoor air exchange rate from HVAC as the best alternative. Personal masks should be well-fitting, multi-layered, washable or disposable, and surgical in style. The non-woven meltblown polypropylene filter traps particles down to .03 micros. The amount of aerosol dispersed by singers varies depending on consonants, vowels, intensity and pitch. Second Round of Performing Arts Aerosol Study Produces Encouraging Preliminary Results. In some cases, band and other music programs were moved to the spring, but leaders continued to engage with students in … On the performing arts side, teachers and leaders have benefited from an aerosol study conducted by the NFHS and more than 125 other organizations to determine best practices. In August, an aerosol study commissioned by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) and a coalition of more than 125 performing arts organizations has generated a second set of preliminary results that provides further optimism for mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on performing arts activities. NFHS Director of Performing Arts and Sports Performing Arts Aerosol Study Co-Chair. To view past preliminary results and additional resources related to the aerosol study, use the following link:, To view the conversation related to the third data release, use the following link: •This study did not use a live virus or infected participants and … ACDA, BHS, Chorus America, and NATS – 8/7/2020. The guidance was to mask both musicians and instruments via a bell cover, so we reached out to dozens of music industry manufacturers looking for a product for our customers. Efforts Continue in All States to Offer High School Sports, Performin. The University of Colorado Boulder has also developed a pilot risk assessment tool for aerosol transmission to help decision-makers estimate the infection risk for a number of basic situations such as college classrooms, choirs, and being outdoors. The study will examine aerosol rates produced by wind instrumentalists, vocalists, and even actors, ... Dr. James Weaver, Director of Performing Arts and Sports at NFHS and Mark Spede, President of the College Band Directors National Association, are co-leads of the study. and the results from the NFHS Aerosol Disbursement Study, we offer this document as guidance to the member schools of the KSHSAA to consider for the 2020-21 interscholastic winter season. Second Round of Performing Arts Aerosol Study Produces Encouraging Preliminary Results. The distancing guidelines apply for outdoors as well as indoors. Long-established social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (6 feet by 6 feet) should be applied at all times, with additional space (9 feet by 6 feet) allocated to accommodate trombone players. Please go to: to hear the video with clean audio. Students’ Needs for High School Sports, Performing Arts ... NFHS/NFHS Network Signs Agreement with TPG to Manage Sponsorship an... Sports Seasons Modifications Update. WHO IS THE NFHS. •This study focuses strictly on the distribution of respiratory aerosols that are released while playing wind and brass instruments, singing, acting, speaking, dancing, and during a simulated aerobic activity. Several national and international performing arts education organizations are combining resources to study the effects of COVID-19 aerosol transmission in performing arts performance settings. Aerosol Study; Advice The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), to which WHSFA is affiliated, has commissioned a study with the University of Colorado Boulder's aerosol laboratory in partnership with several arts organizations. Woodwinds should be covered. Third Round of Performing Arts Aerosol Study Produces More Scientific Data for Return to Activities. (WARREN, NJ) -- An aerosol study commissioned by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the College Band Directors … As a band director in far, far west Texas, I can tell you that most of us are trying to follow the protocols established by the NFHS aerosol study. Additional information on this research will be released later this week and will be made available to schools nationwide. The latest updates and guidance related to aerosol studies and COVID-19. The study is a massive undertaking that will require a focused effort from all of us. Regarding masks, the best-case scenario would be no gaps in the mask, nose covered and tight enough around the edges that an outline appears when it is removed. • The NFHS aerosol study recommends, after 30 minutes of performing/playing instruments the area should be vacated by the pep band members for at least 15 minutes while there is a clean air exchange • Spectators should be seated at least 10 feet away from the pep band members

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